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Krudo Knives Ultimate Defensive Card


Сие порождение сумрачного гения Стива Крудо, создателя "SNAG"-"керамбита наоборот", даже упоминалось в журнале "Братишка" в выпуске о ножах-карточках (http://knifeinfo.ru/nozhi-kreditnye-kartochki.html). Ныне снята с производства. Органично подходит к карбоновому зажиму для наличности)
Расстанусь со всем, пока цену вижу в 2000руб. За брендовую весЧь.
А так обмен-торг уместен)
Описание с сайта:
The ultimate Defensive Card in your wallet.
The Krudo Ultimate Defense Card was designed to be the supreme accessory to any outdoor camping experience. Produced by using resilient elements and design, these
Fixed Blade Knives from the outdoor masters at Krudo are bound to supply you with many years of proficiency. For very many years, Krudo has been in the enterprise of providing travelers with the most effective tools, and the Krudo Ultimate Defense Card is just one example of their motivation and commitment to their profession. One of our largest targets at OpticsPlanet is to be sure our clientele depart content and the Krudo Ultimate Defense Card is one that we are certainly delighted to have the chance to provide. For an ideal component to your collection of camping tools, pick the Krudo Ultimate Defense Card.
1. You can use it to groom your dog or cat and remove excess hair.
2. You can use it to comb your hair and beard.
3. Size of a credit card for easy wallet storage.
4. You can cut meat in case of an emergency.
Weave pattern Carbon Fiber
Thickness: 1mm / 0

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